Happy Tails

SFOF received this endearing photo of Enrique and his dad. He's sitting on dad's lap while dad designs his NEW much larger size catio. Enrique was rescued from a junk yard as a tiny kitten. His mom and dad later adopted April Showers from our 49 cat location. These two kitties are adored and already have a small catio to enjoy. Oh did they ever hit the kitty lottery!

SFOF Got this lovely update about a special kitty named Socks:

Two years ago we adopted Socks from SFOF. We had lost our previous companion to cancer and my then 6 year old son was having a very difficult time coping. We found Socks on your website, she had been with you for 6 months because she was hiding! Or perhaps just waiting for us... we brought her home and she instantly chose my son to be her human. She saved him then, and I can’t thank you enough. This is how they end every day:

We hit our 14,000th adoption 11-13-18!

We are so excited and happy! It was a race to see which adoption was going to be the winner because we've had so many today! It was a close one, we even had our people at Petsmart calling in with adoptions the whole day, but our winner was...... Marley's new family!!! She will have a great new home! And she'll even have a kitty sister! 

This was so amazing and we know that Marley will be such a great addition to her new fur-ever home! We love seeing the joy on people's faces when they've found(or the kitty finds them) their new fur baby!

Thank you all for getting us to this point and for adopting our babies and giving them such loving homes! We look forward to the many more adoptions to come!

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