Do you know about our Purple Paw Circle? It is a wonderful way YOU can make a difference in a cats life! For as little as $10.00 a month you can supply 18 cats with micro chips a year! Think of it! No more lost kitty flyers! With your help we can make sure our cats always find their way home again. If you can give a little more than $20.00 a month you can pay for 18 Felv/Fiv tests a year! This test is given to all of our cats upon intake to test for the feline Immunodeficiency Virus/Feline Leukemia Virus. Become a member today! It take's only a few minutes... Click the purple paw circle :)

Cans for Cats!


All donations help support our spay/neuter program, we collect refundable cans/bottles. Beer, soda, juice, and sports drinks are welcome in glass or plastic.


We accept these at the Shelter and Thrift Store during our regular business hours.


10th Life - Second Chances


Not every kitty that comes through our doors is in perfect health, many are sick, injured or suffering from a terminal illness.  As a no-kill rescue we strive to give every kitty a chance at a life free of pain and full of love.  


We are one of a few organizations that will take in kitties that are medically needy and try to give them a chance at a normal life.


If the condition is not treatable but can be managed for a period   of time, then we will consider placing the kitty into an approved 10th Life Program foster home where its health and care can be closely monitored.


This program relies completely on donations from the public.  These funds may only be used for the cats that have been accepted into the program.  The funds provide their medical care, special foods (if needed) and medications.

Community with a Heart – Abby the BB Kitten


This story is not about a senseless act of cruelty although it begins there.  Rather it is about a compassionate and generous community that showed its collective heart in reaction to the news that a tiny, defenseless creature was found gravely injured in “their backyard”.


Abby has inspired an awareness of the need in our community to speak up about animal abuse.  Without the help of caring citizens, a rescue strategy, veterinary expertise, and media coverage, this would just be another sad example of a social ill often overlooked and underreported.


Abby grew up, healed, and bond in one of SFOF’s veteran foster homes.  After she grew she underwent her much needed surgery and moved on to her forever home, but her impact on the community continues.


In the meantime, SFOF has been busy setting up and managing its “Abby’s Blessings” fund which not only has paid for her medical needs, but has paid for many other shelter cats and kittens to have much needed procedures.


Thank you to all who have donated, read about, spoke out and have turned outrage into compassion and generosity.  We are proud to call ourselves Salem Friends of Felines.


Become a Corporate Partner or Event Sponsor

When your company partners with us or sponsors an event, it is a win-win situation. That's because being a good corporate citizen is also a good business decision.


Business Partner Benefits

  • Meeting your business goals

  • Marketing and PR opportunities

  • Demonstrating shared values with employees and clients

  • Satisfaction of helping animals


Event Sponsorship Opportunities

Our annual fundraiser Paws and Purrsonality, that will be held in October, relies on sponsors & private donors to help cover the event costs and also supply donations of goods for our large silent auction.  This is our largest fundraising event.


Levels of Sponsorship:

  • Platinum Paw - $3,000.00

  • Gold Paw - $1,500.00

  • Silver Paw - $1,000.00

  • Bronze Paw - $500.00

  • Paw Sponsor - $250.00

  • Friend of SFOF - $100.00



SFOF Supporters: Who You Will Reach


By partnering with us, your company will be making a positive impression on engaged, caring individuals who are:


  • 35-54+ years of age

  • Above-average income

  • Interests include: food/entertainment; current events & public affairs; home/lifestyle

  • Mailing & Social Media reach of over 9,000 subscribers/followers



Please contact us using the form below to arrange to make a Corporate Donation or Sponsorship Payment.

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